MortalWeapon - Application

Name: Gheorghe Andrei
Age: 15
Country: Romania
Steam Custom ID:
In-game name: MortalWeapon
Reason why you want to join: I was playing SWAT 4 tactical a lot but I stopped ~2 years ago because I had one of the most important exams of my life and I had to focus on it. Now I took the exam well and I can play again! ;)
Something about yourself: Friendly and sociable guy that enjoys meeting new people! :D
Since how long have you played SWAT4 TSS?: I've been playing SWAT 4 from ~7 years but I started playing tactical ~5-4 years ago (With that big pause that I told you about).
Have you read the rules and do you promise to abide them: Yes!
Nice to meet you Gheorghe, had a couple of games with you and you seem mature enough to me to become a recruit despite your age.
You know our tactics well, but not fully, so keep an eye out for upcoming training sessions (there will be a forum topic about it sooner or later on the front page, you sign up by posting a reply to it),
and you might be able to join if there's enough space for you, as well as meeting the other ETS members. :)

I wish you good luck for your application.
Well...your age might be a problem, still wish u can pass RC :D
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hello MortalWeapon,

Now from our current recruits age is a slight problem however im willingly to other look that with permission from higher up. Now since I've played with you I'm fairly sure you can make it.

Now you must change your name to this |ETS|RC_MortalWeapon

Now since you are slightly younger of what we would expect I must warn you that any immature behavior that is seen throughout your recruitment status could mean a termination of that recruit rank and possibly not allow you to repost application for some time.

A Feedback stage will also be posted and members will give feedback on how you play and how you are willing to teach, A voting stage will also begin a week a later which then means members can vote if you should be part of the ETS Clan

Anyways if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask any ETS member

Many Thanks and Good Luck

Good luck champ! Hope to see you in-game again!
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Ahhh, Logitech goodness!
Thank you everybody! :D
Hey MortalWeapon, not sure if we played already or not, but I wish you luck and looking forward to play with you! :D
I hate my own nickname...
Hey MortalWeapon, good luck with your application! ;)
Thank you! :)
Hey MW, nice to see another regular applying to ETS. As the other said, we're excepting you from our usual application guidelines but I'm pretty sure this was a good decision :D Good Luck!
Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Thank you! ;)
Hey MortalWeapon! Congrats on the recruit rank & wish you good luck! :)
Congratulations on RC status. I don;t remember of we have played yet but I look forward to it. Good Luck bro! :D
Thank you guys! :D
sorry for late welcome. I had some things to do recently.

Enjoy your stay and good luck

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