AstarotKing application

Name: Elven
Age: 29
Country: Indonesia
Steam Custom ID:
In-game name: AstarotKing
Reason why you want to join: I want to learn to be a good leader in swat one day.....
Something about yourself: I love play Golf,Swim, and playing Swat 4.
Since how long have you played SWAT4 TSS?: 10 years ago
Have you read the rules and do you promise to abide them:yes
Welcome Elven. I don't think we've ever had a recruit from Indonesia before.

What will happen next is that one of our members with the rank of LT or above will check you in game to see if your skills are sufficient enough for recruit status. If they like what they see , you will be given recruit status and proceed to the next step of your application.

Remember to stay active on our servers and website, We're looking forward to playing with you, and GOOD LUCK! :D
Hiya astarot! I haven't met you in-game but I'm looking forward to it. ;P
Hi astarot! We haven't met before, but I'm sure we'll do! Good luck though.
I hate my own nickname...
Hello Astarot, guess we've already played few times. Good to see your application, gl!
Hello asta don't think we met before. Either way best of luck and see you in game
Good luck champ! Really lookin' forward to play with ya.

P.S: If you're in-game with me, can you lead my team for me when I refuse to? Cheers!

EDIT: Apparently people are taking my P.S. too seriously.
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Ahhh, Logitech goodness!
ok Sir i will try my best....
Good luck astarot! See you in game.
That's one cool sounding name you got there Elven. :)

Good luck with your app and see you in-game!
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Hello astarot had the pleasure to play a few rounds with you today. and from what i can see you know the basics to become recruit. So i will promote you, please change your ingame name to |ETS|Rc_AstarotkKing, you will be send a recruit password via PM on the forum. This password allows you to join the server when its full. And you must allways login when you have your ETS tags on. Otherwice adminbot will remove you from the server for possible tag steal.

Remember to stay as active as you can on both forum and server for the next couple of weeks, to allow all members to evaluate you and get to know you better. There will be a few more sections avalible for you to read now that you are a RC, check it out when you have the time. Expect your recruitment period to last for about a month or more.

Best of luck!
Ok. Thanks Sir.
Hey Astarot,
we've had some rounds together and I must say I was impressed. Good Luck! :D

Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter
Thanks Hellpatroll :D
Welcome Astarot and good luck with your application! :)

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