Saltie101 - Application

Name: James McNulty
Age: 24
Country: Canada
Xfire username: saltie101
In-game name: Saltie101
Reason why you want to join: Enjoyed learning on ETS server with clan, still enjoy playing with them.
Something about yourself: I play while at work. Also have beat Swat 1-4 in my life.
Since how long have you played SWAT4 TSS?: Year
Have you read the rules and do you promise to abide them: Yes.
Welcome Saltie101!

I think i played with you long time ago, but not sure about that. Also need to check your skills again.. :P

Anyway, good luck to your application! I hope we'll play together soon. ;)
Hey Justicar,

We played together a couple times before the server went down. Let me know when you want to play again, I'm always ready to show off some skills.

Have a good one!
Hello and welcome to |ETS| website and forum.
In order to proceed with your application I will have to check you in game. We'll talk about time and date when it best suits you and me. I don't mind if we arrange it here in your app or over xfire (I'll send you an invitation to our xfire group).As for me, I am available from Friday evening till Sunday evening.

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"I don't care if this is the end...So...I'll use everything."
Hello Saltie101, wish you luck on the application.
Would be nice to meet you on the server. :)
Welcome to |ETS|Clan Satlie!

I'm looking forward to playing with you. I'm sure you will do great. ;)


Code high, commit sober.
I'm glad you chose to sign up here Saltie. We played some rounds together yesterday in which you showed that you're a friendly and tactical player. I'm sure you'll fit in here nicely.

So I wish you good luck with your application. I hope to see you soon on the server again!
So, I've seen you playing yesterday and you did well my friend. I'm sure becoming RC won't be hard for you.

I hope you will get RC soon ^.^

Code high, commit sober.
Thanks Hunter, hopefully we can all get together in a game soon for the test.
saltie101 wrote:
We played together a couple times before the server went down.

Yeah now remember! Good games today, as Hunter said becoming RC will be easy peasy for you. ;)
You've proven that you follow our server rules and that you're capable of playing tactical. Therefor you have earned your first promotion. Congratulations!

You are now an official recruit of ETS. Please change your ingame name to: |ETS|RC_Saltie101

Your job as a recruit is to stay active on both the server and the forum. Also try to attend trainingsessions if possible. I will give you the 'full server' password so you can join our server when there are 8 or more players on it.

Within a week or so I will open a voting poll for members that will decide whether you will become a full member or not. The poll will last for several weeks, depending on the progress you make. So try to get to know our members and learn as much as you can from them.

Contact me or any other member if you have any questions. Good luck on your climb amongst the ranks of ETS!
Congratz mate! Good luck and keep it up! ;)

Struis wrote:
Please change your ingame name to: |ETS|Saltie101_RC

Isn't supposed to be this:|ETS|Pvt_Saltie101 ? Pvt is for RCs in the rank system. :P
Congratulations mate! I knew you will do great here. Now you are infront of a training times that will make you even better!

Btw, Justicar is righ imo. Haven't you forgot about it Struis?

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Hunter wrote:
Isn't supposed to be this:|ETS|Pvt_Saltie101 ? Pvt is for RCs in the rank system.

I kinda did a last minute change to the rank system. I think it will be less confusing (especially for people outside of ETS) if we stick with using recruit/RC instead of private/Pvt.

I did fix the position of 'RC' in the name, so it's the same as with every other rank.
Hello guys! I look forward to playing with you as an RC over the next couple weeks. I will update my name to |ETS|RC_Saltie101 and do my best to attend the training sessions. :dance:

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