Hello Recruit,

My name is Accuser, currently on this issue I speak for myself. Currently at ETS we have experienced applicants here and there. This notice is to ensure that if in case you go AFK from Swat you must thereby alert any ETS member if thats the case we can then perform one of the actions early if need be.

1. Inform an ETS member highlighted their names as a Orangey/Gold colour name or Green for Server Admins, stating that you are going to be busy with personal life or something of great importance in your life, no need for details just indicate a specific date that you will be away and possibly if need be a date that you might possibly be able to play and continue with your recruitment period.

2. If in any case you are currently away for the entire Recruitment Period, then you will either have to indicate the following things such as; Ending the Application and therefore revoke your recruit status and making sure that you are able to play with us at some other point in time whenever your free. Or you could ask an ETS member to potentially ask for an extension of your recruitment period early if you havent been available for most of your original recruitment period. However if you indicate this you must make sure you are active during the extension to make sure other ETS members can make the correct action to either accept you into your clan as a full member.

If any other member has additional points to say about this post feel free to post it and ill update it myself, If anything is unclear with what I said also feel free to either correct me by editing the post or telling me to correct some grammar stuff.

Many Thanks and Good Luck with your Application