Rapid Deployment Tournament Update

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vs fnatic

22 Dec 2017 - 21:00 PM

Team Donut

3 / 5 spots taken
This event has ended, it is not possible to join in.
Here are the Fixures for our upcoming games

1st Week

-Cartel vs eT

-ETS&ITS vs fnatic

-gRR vs Patriots

-gRR vs fnatic

-FT vs LTM

-wTF^ vs qR

-SoH vs qR

2nd Week


-eT vs fnatic

-Cartel vs Patriots

-ETS&ITS vs Cartel

-FT vs SoH

-LTM vs wTF^

3rd Week

-Cartel vs fnatic

-eT vs gRR

-ETS&ITS vs Patriots

-eT vs Patriots

-FT vs qR

-wTF vs SoH

4th Week

-Cartel vs gRR

-fnatic vs Patriots

-ETS&ITS vs eT

-LTM vs qR

-wTF vs FT

-LTM vs SoH

Our First Week Fixture is up against fnatic
Our Second Week Fixture is up against gRR & Cartel Gaming
Our Third Week Fixture is up against Patriots
Our Forth Week Fixture is up against eT

Please check the Cartel Gaming website for more information, Ill post update on here for dates regarding our fixtures stay tuned for that

Okay guys I now have the dates

First Week of Tournament is 18/12/17 - 24/12/2017

Second Week of Tournament is 25/12/17 - 31/12/2017

Third Week of Tournament is 01/01/18 - 07/01/2018

Fourth Week of Tournament is 08/01/2018 - 14/01/2018

So for the first week we need to negotiate a date with fnatic clan that will be great. I shall appoint either Defcon or Chlarmi so either one of you need to state who will do that.

For the others focus on the first week, Please check your dates and state which dates your free for the first week of Tournament that way we will have a better chance to negotiate a time and date for that matter. (This also goes for Defcon and Chlarmi make sure you guys put down some dates) Let's do this FIRST before having talks with the fnatic clan

We also need to do some training practices, I'm sure Defcon will lend us a server for us to borrow to practice some rounds on that.

BTW PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONAL HEADSET THAT ALLOWS YOU TO TALK. I see alot of members STILL dont have a fully functional microphone so please use these couple weeks to get a fairly decent mic.

Also please make sure to follow the game rules that Cartel Gaming have set up. Go to their website here: www.cartelgaming.forumotion.com

Also P.S it is on the original SWAT 4 so please have 1.1 installed on there so we dont have to wait until the start of the Tournament

Many Thanks

Hello Members,

It seems there has been no update of those people putting down available dates for the First Week of Tournament. If I dont hear within at least 2 days. I shall contact the hosts if I dont hear anything from you.

If you actually want to do this Tournament then please state some dates now. WE ARE GETTING CLOSE TO THE FIRST WEEK SO IT'S YOUR CHOICE.

If you have any other questions please contact me on Discord or on Steam or on here

Hey, i just started a event ?! Friday 22.12.2017 @ 0900 pm

Idk how that works ..

So ill be ready to rumble at that date.. anyone else ?

Jedi apprentice - Sir, they've surrounded us...
Jedi master - ...Good.
Did you negotiate that date then Defcon for us?

Hey, i just started opened the match here to push up and to let people join the crew. if the crew is full we could go to discuss when we play .. so the date is not fixed to play vs fnatic.
Jedi apprentice - Sir, they've surrounded us...
Jedi master - ...Good.
Ok, signed in to the team..
Jedi apprentice - Sir, they've surrounded us...
Jedi master - ...Good.
What a nice update you have shared so far! It pleases my eyes! I am glad you have not forgotten to contribute meaningful notifications here.

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