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Hello Members of the ETS Clan,

I Accuser Will personally sign up any members wishing to join the Rapid Deployment Tournament I believe 8 Players for our team should be suffice

1. Accuser
2. Taskforce
3. Chlarmi
4. Revolution
5. Defcon

Any members wanting to join please respond and Ill sign you up

Plus we should focus on setting up a Team Captain and Vice Captain if anyone wants to participate

sign me up : P
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When will it be hold? Since it might be too late for me.
The chosen one who will be dead in every single round --- |ETS|Neo :lol: :lol: :lol:
I do not like their rules and conditions. The idea of pepperspray rushing and unknown custom maps sounds terrible to me. I'll pass on this tournament
Well I'm Disappointed Joltie, you would make a fine addition to the team. However if there is not enough sign ups we may not do this Tournament.

As for Neo here is from the post in ets it self but here are the details so far

Expected starting date: 10/12/2017

Expected sign up closing date: 20/11/2017

We have until the 20th to get our team sorted, of course if there is not enough people then we wont enter simple as that

I don't know if I'll have enough free time in December,but anyways sign me up please.
I am in signe me up ^^

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
Sign myself and lilPasta up if you can.
Hey guys, im up to join !!

Would be nice if i could join u guys :)

Best regards,
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Okay so a Full 5V5 team type is set up we need a Team Name plus We must devise a Team Captain and Vice

Please put your discussions here

Many Thanks

Hey guys,
i wonder why noone else is ready to suggest something ?

I had idea to name the team "Team Donuts"

If you guys are ok with, i would be the team captain and i would have Accuser as a Vice captain.

Im still open for suggestions!

Best regards,
Jedi apprentice - Sir, they've surrounded us...
Jedi master - ...Good.

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