Insurgency Session

 Pick your desired date for Insurgency Session

24th of March (Friday)
25th of March (Saturday)
26th of March (Sunday)
7th of April (Friday)
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8th of April (Saturday)
9th of April (Sunday)
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14 of April (Friday)
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15 of April (Saturday)
16 of April (Sunday)
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 Creating new event
What is the name of this event you want to create?

When does the event take place?

Is there anything you would mention as organizator? (TS3 required, don't be late, etc.)
It's certainly been a while since we had any Insurgency Session. It's time to change that.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Unless you don't own the game that is. But still you should buy it in that case. It's really good ;)

When will we play?

Not sure yet. Vote for the most suitable date. You can place multiple votes, pick any date you are available. Not everyone will be satisfied with the outcome but we must decide on something. The option with most votes wins.

Where will we play?

Now that's the most important question. Is anyone able to host a server for us? I can't do it as I don't have public IP (yet) and it would be a pain to use Hamachi.

What mode will we play?

COOP obviously. Preferably Checkpoint. It's linear game type when you capture objectives or destroy weapon cache. Every conquered/destroyed objective respawns dead players.

Can I reserve a position?

But of course, let me know which position you want to play at. I'm taking Support though :)
Attendance list

There's 8 slots available unless we use a mod which supports 16 player slots if I'm correct about that.
  1. xyzzy -> Support
  2. Sokol -> any
So far we most likely will be playing on Saturday, 8th of April at evening hours (around 18:00 GMT+1)

To minimalise the uncertainty of whether we should wait for missing players to show up or not, when you are signing up, I'd like you to include information about the chances you have to show up. Please refer to the colors below. Many thanks in advance.

Positions/server slots priority:
Green names -> 100% sure they will participate (unless something very unexpected happens)
Yellow names -> little unsure if they can participate but they will try to do so and we will be waiting a bit (20-30min?) for them to show up
Red names -> reserve or very unsure, we won't be waiting for them to show up and just start the game
Probably won't make it for any of the next weekends. But I'd like to join in for some insurgency rounds with you some day here xyzzy I'm a fan of checkpoint as well.

Also wanted to ask if you are up for setting up a ets insurgency server xyzzy? if I rent one for the next 6 months. Might want to edit the bot difficulty and maybe some custom weapons at some point.
Jolty^ wrote:
Also wanted to ask if you are up for setting up a ets insurgency server xyzzy?

I can always help with the plugins/settings if my help is needed. Since it's the same game engine as Left 4 Dead 2, it shouldn't be a problem.
8th and 15th (Saturdays) are okay for me. Position does not matter.
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I forgot to mention that 25th is the day we already have a training session for SWAT 4. I want you to keep that in mind and, if possible, vote for any other date.
i will try to be .. put me as yellow ;) :) :D ;)
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