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Barricaded Suspects -No Respawn Session #2

07 May 2017 - 19:35 PM

Hi there Guys :D so as u know again another session :P .. 5 rounds per each map .. and there will be 4 maps (mb 5 :D ) no respawn ..



Team can have up to 6 members.
Team can have up to 6 members.
This event has ended, it is not possible to join in.
Revolution wrote:
very nice session , waited long time while admin set the server , and some 1 took my place ^^

I feel you, I was late but the event is too full. Curse this 12 player limit! :D
That was veryyyyyyyyy good Captain .. :clap: :clap: ;) ;) ;)
Thank u guys :clap:
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My summarization of the event:
A very chaotic start, resulting in players and admins getting a bit annoyed. Some of the admins were kind of becoming impatient and therefore less nice to players, which is a lil’ unfortunate but understandable. I think things like these require more preparation, by multiple people. Loads of people didn’t know what they had to do, but eventually it all worked out just fine. Even though switching a server to a different game mode really shouldn’t have taken that long, I still had loads of fun once the rounds started going.

Sometimes the rules weren’t as clear regarding “spawn killing” and unlocking the EQ was quite messy at times (repeatedly). I wouldn’t call it a training session, but I did notice that our team was really thinking ahead and being creative in situations, which was really interesting to see. Something different than the usual coop games we commonly play.
The event concluded very positively and left most of us lusting for more, so I think it was quite successful despite all the issues that occurred along the way.

Thank you for the games and let’s hope there will be more of this sometime soon! :)

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Amazing game session last night despite some glitches (slow start due to technical issues and some parameters unclear as the stages unfolded) - a beautiful reminder of how much the game is ruined in BS mode by respawn and less-lethal gadgets, especially stingers, bangs and gas! Very intense gameplay as know you can't respawn AND the enemy isn't some dumb predictable AI, like in the first America's Army. The competitive spirit made the "AI" suspects on drugs pretty early, but that was for the best for the SWAT team not to become complacent! ;-)
Im so sad that i couldnt get to the session yesterday, because of RL :(

I hope it was great.
Regards, SH.
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