Insurgency session January?

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I'm fine with either 7th or 14th. I also do prefer 14th though.

@Justicar, which gamemode do we usually play during those Insurgency sessions, is it Checkpoint or Conquer? I can't tell :P
@Xyzzy, we mostly playing Checkpoint . :D
Right now the general feel is that most of you prefer the 14th. Therefore we will set it up for that date. I'll add the sign up sheet on the OP.
I would of preferred 7th but oh well
so is it today we play?
captain wrote:
Since more people seem to have the 14th available, that will be our day.
astarot wrote:
so is it today we play?

I wish but no unfortunately
Damn, if we can make it on 13th then I can attend. Weekends and work are my two new nemesis :(
So..the session is tomorrow.. when exactly? :D
[countdown=Insurgency Session]2017-01-14 17:00[/countdown]
@Xyzzy, did you just post a counter or this was exist somewhere else and i missed it? :D
@Justicar, just set the counter on 18:00 GMT+1 as you've proposed in your post on previous page :)
yes i am ready for it , give us more info guys , the game will be coop or pvp ? and at what server ?

1.2.3 viva L'algerie .
@Xyzzy, ah okay i see.. but your counter is ticking to 19:00 GMT+1. :P :D

@Revolution,it will be a coop session (checkpoint game mode) and most likely i'm gonna be the host. There are some information on TS under the Insurgency channel. ;)
Can anybody get that counter thingy to the main page, please? =)
I hate my own nickname...

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