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If there is anyone that doesn't know this amazing game yet, I'm hoping this post will change that.I will shortly describe the game for you : Firstly it's a co-op game, it's main goal is to use teamwork and communication to manage and defuse a bomb each time.Needs at least 2 people to be played(Can be played with 4-5 people at more difficult bombs).One player is the bomb defuser, who has to launch the game(yes, only 1 person needs to have a copy of the game in order to play this you may ask? continue reading)and describe to his experts what modules the bomb has, so they can help him defuse it.The experts have access to the bomb manual, which has information on how to defuse the bomb and they must guide the defuser through it.The defuser is the only one who actually sees the bomb, the experts can't see anything except the manual.The defuser can't can't see the manual..The manual itself can be found online (for free of course, meaning you can play with people who haven't bought the game if you have it yourself)and be read through the website or printed.The modules the bomb has change every time, and there is a campaign or a free to play where you choose the difficulty and other parameters as well.

Sounds simple?Trust me it is not...This game is all about communication,and some modules are tough(after a while you get used to them).I've played this game for many hours and I can assure that whoever tries it will have a lot of fun.

A gameplay video :
A link of the manual :
Game official site :

If you are interested in playing this game with me, simply reply below or talk to me on steam.Hope to find people to play with me!
I don't have the game so I guess I can try being your guide. Although I'll probably mess up so bad. :D
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