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I'm thinking of buying the game this week most likely, does anyone here play it?(Looking for a squad to play,as the singleplayer is bad from what I've heard.)Also what's your opinion of the game?Is it worth buying?
I play it,and yep,it worth buying imo.
I play it reagularly and I'm satisfied. But would say it's more like L4D2 rather than Swat 4 when it comes to tactic. It's a great co-op though. Also it's more fun to play with friends instead of random players or (God have mercy) bots. There are four "skill trees" which specializes in different types of operation (situation control, firepower, technology, stealth), so there's always someone actually needed. By mixing skills from several branches you can make your unique class. If you want to play, just add me on steam.

EDIT: My Steam nickname is xyzzy93
Alright guys, I'll prolly buy it so I will be looking for people to play with regularly.What's your steam name xyzzy?
add me on steam too,same nickname as here.
Hey Manos , i have payday 2 and i play the game often . As nissan posted above it is worth of buying it and having fun by compliting mission objectives and killing cops as usually at the same time . If you are gonna play the game with someone , contact me anywhere so we can get started :D . Oh , totally forgot . Add me in Steam , my name is Greek_Fighter . ;)
Got it on Steam Summersale a few weeks ago, installing it right now, I never played it before though, means I'm a bloody rookie :D Would love to join ya whenever you're up for some rounds. My Steam name: sgtmarks
Its worth buying but most of the DLC is a money grab at 5 bucks each. Wait for it to go on sale.

I play it.
The post was made 1 year ago, till that time I have bought the game and some dlcs, but thanks for the information anyway :D
Sorry, didnt even read, just saw Payday 2 :P

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