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What are your top 3 games you're looking forward the most to, which has been presented in E3 showcases? You may also add a top 5 if necessary aswell as a short description why you're so stoked about what you've seen.

    1st - Fallout 4 - You may consider me a Fallout Fanboy...or should I say...Vaultboy? And after watching the presentation, I'm even more so!

    2nd - Hitman - I love the hitman franchise (except Absolution), I just really hope IO will be able to bring back the good old open sandbox levels, without too much focus on a ridiculously hollywoodized story like in 'Absolution', as they promised in an open letter to the fans a year ago!

    3rd - Ghost Recon Wildlands - I know, the Ghost Recon franchise went from classics to crap within a decade, but I have to admit the trailer is impressive and the idea behind it could work with a dedicated, skillful team on your side. I'm definetely intrigued, but there's also a good amount of scepsis. I'll keep my eyes on it.


Top 5 is better!

1st - Mass Effect Andromeda(i'm fan) - I just wanna play this game and that's it.
2st - Fallout 4 - 1 Fallout game is better then no Fallout game, and it's looks pretty hot.
3st - Ghost Recon Wildlands - That's could be arma without map creator tool.
5st - Unravel - Looks great, I don't remember EA projects such this, good luck to them.
Well this isn't a final list cause I want to see how the rest of the week plays out but so far.......

Mass Effect Andromeda
Ghost Recon Wild lands
Star Fox Zero and Star Wars Battlefront are tied for the third spot.

I would also put Batman Arkham Knight, but that comes out next week and it's been my most anticipated for months
1st - Uncharted 4 a thief's end - Nothing else to say here, it's the top of the tops in the world, maybe only ShenMue can kick it's ass but I didn't see the ShenMue so :P.
2nd - Ghost Recon Wild Lands - It's like a damn Arma 2 but much better and 4 ppl coop.
4th - Mirror's Edge CATALYST - Love parkour games, was one of my favourite for a long time.
5th - Fallout 4 - Another amazing RPG from Bethesda, can't wait to play!
I remember how much fun we all had playing coop in the original Ghost Recon a few years ago. We so need to do that again.
captain wrote:
We so need to do that again.

Hell yeah, count me in! We should make a thread in Gaming Zone to see who's interested at all...I am for sure. Would be cool to have at least 4 players. Got it on steam aswell as the add-ons.
My Top 3 is;
1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SIEGE (Terrorist Hunt trailer)
3. Star Wars Battlefront
1st - Mass Effect Andromeda - It's 2016.. :cry:
2nd - Mass Effect Andromeda - and it's Q4.. :(
3rd - Mass Effect Andromeda - and i can't wait :P

4th - Star Wars Battlefront - It looks amazing, and really liked the old Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2
No love for "The Division" ?

I fear it will turn into a DayZ where people will just KOS :/ But the game looks cool, let's just see how the community behaves...

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