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Hello dear ETS members! The void interactive is back with a lot of new interesting content to their tactical shooter. You can read about it here:

Well hope you all are fine and healthy! For me it looks good, well at least they're trying to make swat game huh? ;)

Stay awesome guys!
I've almost given up video gaming but I will upgrade my rig solely for this game when it's finally out. It's quite clear that SWAT4 was the biggest inspiration for devs.
Any know when is release date for this game...Game is amazing
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Dalibor wrote: โ†‘
Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:35 pm
Any know when is release date for this game...Game is amazing
No release date yet :)
Can't wait for it. It's tribute to all SWAT4 players. This will be insta click buy.
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I wonder if there are any plans for self-hosted dedicated servers support. If so, I would be eager to host my own one.
I really hope this game is going to be the real thing, it has big shoes to fill tho, but as mentioned above if swat4 is their biggest inspiration it's looking good. Hope they will come with a release date soon. :dance:
Glad to hear that some of ETS members are interested in this game. It will be fun to play togheter. I just laughing from people who saying about rainbow six and PvP multiplayer... Ehh they never played swat 3/4 huh? Anyway the game is going to be spiritual successor of swat series, not rainbow six. Moreover I am more interested in coop/single player than multiplayer. The release date is set on this year. I thinking about late 2018. So maybe we get it on Christmas :)
It would be great ..but sadly i dont think so this game release before 2019 atleast
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The intentions of the developer are great. Indeed everything is clearly inspired by the Swat series. :clap:
Lets hope they build a good game, not repeating the "Takedown: Red Sabre" disaster.

If you ask me, they can take an extra dev year if the product is well polished in the end!

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Looks good

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