2 New upcoming Tac Shooters u may dont know about ;)

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Heyho - i would like to post some stuff about 2 games wich are some indie titles and does not appear on every list because there is very rare infos about ..

The first game i would like to mention is : Counter terrorist Unit - the game developer is the same who made the "Enforcer" The publisher looks very small with infos about the game and it looks that the game will appear end of february on steam,
The game is very close to SWAT 4 as we have arresting actions,suspects and hostages in the teaser to see - allso it has a today setup from gear and gfx - not that scifi stuff like in Epsilon -
heres the steam page with more infos for you : http://store.steampowered.com/app/397320/

The other game i found is : Thunder Tier One - its a game similar to Rainbow six original and is set on a Military environment - made By FragOut Studios, heres some homepage and Teaser for you :

Homepage : http://thunderthegame.eu/

Best regards,
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The first one seems okay, but some animation look so weird and graphics doesn't seems to be that good what the recommended system requirements on steam, but HEY let's give a try for it. Might be a really cool game, will see.

The second one also looks nice, but hard to say anything about the game right now since the release is far away.

Nice findings DefCon. :)

EDIT: Found out this 1 year old teaser video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beDsF_tK0K0 - Here it looks epic. :P
Looks promising, I'd love to try that game out, it looks like it needs a lot of work still tho.
Both looks scarry ಠ_ಠ
omg that system requirements for CTU made me laugh... It has a 2007-like graphic with ugly bloom... But i'd play 1
I would play the first one for sure, after reading the description on steam it has the future most games were missing : using yelling to make people comply.Looks promising from what I read.Let's wait till it comes out.

Pasting the info of the CTU game in case anyone is too lazy to read it at steam :

As a member of the CTU – Counter Terrorism Unit, you will be under fire and under pressure as you are deployed to several dangerous locations to detain a rising criminal threat. Anyone can fire a gun, but there are only a few who can bring down a suspect with intimidating presence, and force them to lay down their weapons and surrender.

At your disposal are a selection of weapons and tools that will aid you in fighting terrorism. These include the snake cam (used to see what dangers may face you behind a closed door), the night vision goggles, riot shield and three types of grenade. Based on your performance for each mission, players will be awarded with money which can be spent on new weapons, tools and hiring new team members.

AI team mates can be ordered to open doors, cover locations, move to area, use snake cams and an assortment of other tasks. You can also play online with up to four friends in five player online co-op.
Gas21 wrote:
I would play the first one for sure, after reading the description on steam it has the future most games were missing : using yelling to make people comply.Looks promising from what I read.

Same here, in case I get my hands on this SWAT 4 & R6 Raven Shield won't go out the window right away, but this would be a really nice addition to the tactical shooter genre. The only point that worries me is whether CTU will only be distributed via Steam or also as hard copy :think:
Anyway, let's see what time will bring ;)
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Thx Justicar :)
The CTU Game will be released this month and i am gonna grab it on release day i guess, if someone of you will buy it - just let me know and we may arrange a coop round with some dudes to take a closer look, and maybe a small review for youtube ;)

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Hey guys, as we have some news about the CTU game i wld like to share some infos with you, as first - this is currently the closest thing to our beloved Swat game, as second it may needs some approvements, the 3rd - we may help a bit to continue forward to make this game awesome :)

I wanna share with you a new video of Counter Terrorism Unit and i wanna link up the beta invite page for you :

Steam info : https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://form.jotform.com/60883628464971

Beta invite page : https://form.jotform.com/60883628464971

Youtube Video : [youtube]8ir1zWjuaec[/youtube]

Please sign up for the beta soon as possible so we can manage some testing rounds :)

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singed up :D
Reviews for Enforcer:


Before I go into my review I need to tell you all some things. To put this in the nicest way possible, the developers are an unprofessional, and hypocritical team of failures. If you go into the forums or look at their facebook page you will notice that any negativity against them will result in a "professional" and instant lash towards you. In the community forums you will notice that they have whined about negativity towards their "finished game". You will also notice that they say they will listen and answer everyone who has a question. I have asked a couple of questions and got no answers from the developers. Only answers from other community members telling me that they do not answer anyone. This game has been abandoned for quite some time and left with bugs and barely any gameplay to justify the price. As far as we're all concerned, they're back to just fix the bugs, add a "sandbox" mode and then throw their hands up and be done with it. I have been banned from the forums yesterday after talking about a promising sounding new police simulator called 'Police 10-13'. Apparently they can't answer questions, but do visit the forums frequently to find an excuse to ban people that don't hold their game in high regards. To be fair, part of what I talked about was how the developers making 10-13 are making themselves look and I quote "like idiots" because there are multiple things they are doing that professionals wouldn't do. And the ban is fair according to the rules. In short, I'm iffy about it like I should be after this farce. Only time will tell and I am still excited to see the news and its development.

With this said about the developers, please be very cautious about their new project 'CTU' (Counter Terrorism Unit). These developers are childish and are untrustworthy."

"If you like cash-grabbing indie companies that delete comments that out their lies, ban forum users for having negative opinions about their "game of false promises" and repeatedly guarentee new features without ever following through even once, then this game is for you."

Boy, this game sure looks and sounds promising! I'm sure when it comes out it won't be more outdated than SWAT 3 and have more bugs than 4!
Jesus, the first game video DefCon posted looked quite promising but after watching the second one?.?.? This game isn't any better than SWAT, on the contrary. The radio traffic sounds are just annyoing and the way the AI mates move into a room.... SWAT 4 which is as we all know well over ten years old by now has a far better performance on that, meaning it looks like they actually run in, not fly in. I'll certainly NOT go for this one.
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CTU is a masterpiece 10/10: http://imgur.com/a/UUw0s :D
Yeah. agreed Justicar! I had the beta wich was fully updated later on to the full game and i didnt payed anything. After playing it 5 minutes i knew that this game is totally crap.
Unfortunately i had too much in this.. Lets just that RoN will be the game we wish!

If anyone is up to try CTU once again in coop and having some laughs, drop me a msg!
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