Before any decision is made i would like the other server admins that has been involved with michalskys previous bans to speak up on their opinions. I'm willing to give you another chance since you have been banned for some time now. I do also find your credibility at the bottom right now.
As mentioned in struis post hunter has done so much good for us during his years here in ets, the mod on our swat server as well as giving birth to adminbot,, justicar might have cursed the adminbot for all time but it sure has been a great tool for us. We sure have a bright future with you in charg...
A new year has begun and we have a lot of work in front of us, thinking back at the previous summer we have had tons or new recruits and crowded servers, with that in the back of our heads we strongly need some rank changes in the clan., I'm honored to announce some huge changes in our clan that ho...
I can't think of anything else at the moment, looks complete easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Great job xyzzy ;)
Perhaps some info about rules of engagement could fit in here.

Added, thanks for suggestion
i wont make it tomorrow either due to work.
I can see how this would be a huge disadvantage for the swat officers, for a human player to baricade himself aiming at a door, the first officer comming trough it stands little chance, and since the grenades are not too effective towards suspects behind cover. I'm pretty sure the suspects would win...
Agreed, lets try to gather up on Saturday 18th as well.
I'm not sure if we met. I was here back then too. Welcome back to swat buddy, hope to see you ingame soon
both players banned for a week. Further offenses from the would lead to heavier bans.

Thread closed.
It is about time for another VIP session There will be standard VIP rules, Officers must escort the VIP to safety and the suspects must try to capture him alive! Every 2 or 3 rounds the teams will be switched so that everyone can play as both suspects and officers. This is a public event and all are...
Hello Jovke, im sorry to inform you that your application has been Rejected, the main reason for this is your inactivity, please remove your ingame tags. If you have more time to play with us you are welcome to re apply any time.

Best of wishes /JoLTie
Both shakao and rota banned for a week.

Thread closed
I'll be on holiday this weekend but there will be more chanses I guess :p