Awesome! tested out discord a lot lately myself and it seems better than teamspeak in many ways
No can do :doh:
Yeah was somewhat balanced this time with some eq restrictions for the suspects, could still use some work but we are getting there :D
Lets aim towards having a normal baricaded suspect session like this thread was meant to be from the beginning, When we are all gathered on teamspeak im sure we can come some kind restrictions or type of gameplay if needed.
I can't think of much that our current members or regulars need to improve on. The thing with big teams such as 7-8 man teams. It's not recommended simply due to the problem of keeping all those players busy. It can be done I have done it in the past it works but is 90% of the time much slower and b...
And there i was hoping we would have a normal barricaded suspects session, :(
Im on a tight schedule lately, only day off next week would be friday for me, So casted a vote for that one. :)
This would be barricaded with respawn off basically. The team behind in points needs to go aggressive. I belive the previous session was unbalanced since the suspects knew exactly where and when the swat comes so they could easily ambush them. It's true that it depends on the maps some harder than o...
Xyzzy you do realise you are making this extremely easy for the suspects and almost impossible for the officers? The reason for this is The suspects will know where the officers come from, they can shoot you as sson as you are opening a door, and they can place themselfs in spots where no nades will...
Sign me up
No idea what language this is, but it sure has a good sound and video to it :d

i should be able to join, signed up! :dance:
I like the look of these icons but not sure if they would fit in those bubbles or not, either way they sure look better than the ones we have now. untill someone comes with something better, maybe even put in a few examples and let everyone cast a...
The new website is looking cool :) Two things are really annoying me. Round avatars (I prefer old square one) and topics icons. Rest is very nice! Actually i didn't find any bug. I will report if I notice something. EDIT: First bug found! Regards, SH. I tottaly ag...
Hunter wrote:
I remember I used to play Insurgency a lot and I still enjoy that. I am very glad u have came up with this. We might consult the matter in our upcoming Clan Meeting. I already have some ideas.

I did not hear about any clan meeting :p

//Hunter: Havent picked any date yet, but will let you all know.