I daubt i can be there sadly :(
Nice one, good luck with application bro
I have seen some bad hehaviour from ibrahimovic on the server just as hunter mentioned in his previous post, and him blaming it on his cousin seems abit suspisous to me but i guess it can hapend. We don't want to see toxic players ruining the game for others, there are a few things you need to keep ...
Well the idea is that there is no point i my self didnt get what Andy meant I was in free to talk he massaged me said playing? i replied No he was like that and instantly leave i was like who the f*ck are you and wtf do you want? It means as it looks, he asked you if you are playing, you said no an...
agreed ;D i read this post and i was like, wait what did i miss, lets read it again, and again, one last time! nope cant see the point!?
good luck and welcome back ;)
Thank you for the nice words struis, i won't you let down 8-)

I hope our fellow recruits will find their time and motivation to pull trough an aditional recruitment period. It's allways nice to see people willing to be a part of our clan/family.
this game freaks me out. i remember this parts very well. or when they sneak up on your from behind when you turn around ;D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... OX4#t=160s