P.S. Probably none of my business but ain't you supposed to unban Tactical yet? viewtopic.php?f=28&t=771&p=6910&hilit=tactical#p6910 Nah, thanks for bringing it up. Most likely the banlist on markmods isn't updated automatically after temp ban expires. please unban me. I swear I will no...
Hello, for someone who's relatively new to SWAT multiplayer your skills are decent enough and therefore I'm officially promoting you to Recruit. Please change your in-game name to: |ETS|RC_UdgeyWudgey As a recruit your job is to stay active on both server and forums so that our members can get to kn...

here I am, bringing, some good news to you. ^^ You've been accepted (again :D) to ETS!
You may change your in-game name to: |ETS|Cpl_MouseIT

I'll send you PM with password for corporals and information what you can do with it.

Congrats! :)
Yeah, this guy has been known to troll and be an overall douche. Still, this doesn't look enough for a ban. And if any of you think's he's a new player, I can assure you, he is far from it. I don't know, if someone is intentionally trolling and being douche-y that deserves at least temp ban to cool...
Well written Hunter! Lets wish for the following year to end in best way possible. :)

I don't have the game so I guess I can try being your guide. Although I'll probably mess up so bad. :D
Jackeled wrote:
With My constant 331 Ping.. Did the Ping limit get removed

Hey there! I think it's still there but it won't trigger below 400 I believe. We can easily look into it if there'll be issues.
Honestly, if they don't fuck it up this will be amazing! I don't even care it looks like Borderlands. With UT4 engine it's bound to look nice.
That's one heck of a introduction. Welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
Hi there and welcome to our website! Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us. ;)
Sign me up as officer.
Basically what Raptor said. I've been keeping an eye on this one for quite some time. Hopefully the coop aspect of the game will be satisfying enough to play.
-snip- Absolutely! But I find optiwand to be a bit too slow for my taste and the general consensus in our clan is: scanning > optiwand (unless...it changed? ). Optiwand is safe, but slow. Scanning is faster, but more dangerous. Similarly, you can apply same analogy to blocking vs covering. On a sid...