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A member of rank Lt. or higher will have to check you in-game before proceeding with your app.

edit; nvm you changed your name :\

ayy 500th post
What neo said. Next time you're on TS3 write on our website's chat that you're online and need permissions and wait until someone gives you registered rank.
Welcome :)
As xyzzy mentioned it's most likely your map's fault. Btw. did you try loading the map in SP? Anyways, I uploaded the map, texture, and static mesh so replace these files below with your current ones and see if it fixes the problem. m MP-Hotel.s4m goes to C:\...\S.W.A.T. 4\Content\Maps Hotel.utx and...
Banned for a month.
Thanks for these. We'll be sure to add any map we are missing to our map pack. :)
Welp, good news is I fixed the youtube tag (it works the same as before). Bad news is, it didn't automatically fix all the previously linked videos. I'll see what I can do. 3XGjlnoE8zk Edit; Okay, youtube tag should definitely work fine now. But at the moment I don't know how to fix videos prior to ...
Congratulations :) I myself am not a modder but I'm sure someone around here will make good use of the sounds. Cheers
Hey Karps,

just to let you know I have extended your application for another 20 days. Not all members got a chance to form an opinion and evaluate you. If you have any questions PM me. ^^
Because if Jellyfish didn't kill him, he will kill him and kill all the things he can see Then let him. He had already killed 2 so killing the rest of you won't matter, mission was already 'ruined'. We don't endorse "I killed him because he killed XY player" or whatever. Just let them tea...
That's one cool sounding name you got there Elven. :)

Good luck with your app and see you in-game!