No, not really. I'm barely playing regular TSS.
Thanks all! Wait wait wait wait wait, hold on a sec, I know you, you've been in our clan back in 2011, so you aren't new here :S nah nah nah, you can't trick the good old nissan here haha, someone still remembers me! Tho I didn't remember that it was 2011.. I'm getting old! I thought your name was ...
Personally I'd let you off with a warning this time. If no one else steps in I'll close the thread.

This goes without saying but follow server rules. If one person punches/tazes/teamkills, do not do the same to them.

To report players post your complaint in this forum. Also, edit your post and add witnesses.
I have decided not to ban him at this time. However, we will be watching him closely, any further rule breaking, especially after being warned by an admin now, will result in a ban reference So there you have it. I've looked at the chat logs f...
Once you register you cannot change your forum name. However, I can do that for you.

What would you like it changed to?
Problem solved with Sokol's original method using SwatGame.eng and View thread here : m Precisely that. Same time lol. Funny thing, I was searching for that tutorial but couldn't find it on either sites. Thought it was in tutorials sub-forum, but it was empty so I gave up searching. E...
Revert the changes you made in Default.ini and Swat4x.ini files and try this instead: open SwatGame.eng and and search for this line MPNameAllowableCharSet= then after the equal sign just add your desired characters. Example how mine looks like: MPNameAllowableCharSet=abcdefghijklmnopqr...

Oh, there's also soundcloud tag now ^^
Freak wrote:
So is this like Skype app?

Yes, it's a voip app just like Teamspeak 3.
In order to play custom maps on the server, yes, you need them. Otherwise you can freely join when vanilla and TSS maps are being played.
Perma banned.
and is also not pronounced the same. How is it pronounced then? I'm not Belgian/Dutch so dunno how the Martijn is pronounced. Anyway, if the pronunciation is completely different from Martin then yeah they aren't the same. Here's an example for two Croatian names: Dario and Darijo - the only spelli...

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