Congratz mate, welcome to the family. :)
Both.. :D
Congratz mate, welcome to the family! ;)
Nah Saltie, this was an old rule when we had 2 servers like now.. It lead 7 members to leave the clan.. old times.. :violin:
Don't worry our mighty Adminbot will defend us from any incoming attacks! :pray:
Age: 11
Since how long have you played SWAT4 TSS?: from 7 to 8 years

Damn.. you seems to be pro starting playing SWAT4 as 3 years old. :D
Nice try Dante or Ahmed you just earned a ban from the site.. :clap:
Is the: "If you are going to play on the PRO server and you are not on TeamSpeak, no matter if no one will talk or use it in-game, you'll be kicked from the server and doesn't matter if you are a member of the clan.." rule is also up again? :clap: :D
Congrats Espada! Welcome to our family. ;)
Congrats Pooo! Welcome aboard! :)
Congrats Accuser! Welcome to the team. :)
Name of player: Heya
IP Address:
Offences: rambo, teamkiller
Date: 2015.08.30.
Evidence: Picture from webadmin
Witnesses: Blitzkrieg, Goddamn, Pooo
Information: He joined, killed his teammates and started ramboing.
I wasn't a witness.. i was the victim who got punched almost to death.. :D
Your evidence pictures are not showing up, try to upload them somewhere like and copy the link from there. :)
After checking your skills today, i'm promoting you to the rank of recruit. Please, change your name in-game to: |ETS|RC_Ahmed Your job as a recruit is to stay active on both the server and the forum. A feedback stage will be opened now and then a week later, a voting stage will begin. More informat...