Wellcome Wilson! Wow, just read the topic and realized you are already RC.. the things happened so fast.. Congrats to your RC status mate! Now just few more steps left and you will become a full member! http://social.bioware.com/images/forum/emoticons/smile.png Good luck and see you in game! http://...
Happy new year for everyone! http://social.bioware.com/images/forum/emoticons/joyful.png One big thank goes to YOU Struis. I must say you are doing really nice. With your personality, you remind me our old good clan leader Night I agree with Hunter, you are doing really great job Struis!! I'm happy ...
Congratz mate, half of the way done!
Now good luck to get the member status! Image
YDH wrote:
Again, justicar, I'm sorry about killing you and our teammates for the part 2 days. >.< As liquid said, I'm trigger happy sometimes and other times, I don't shoot when I need to.

No problem mate, it happens. Image
Welcome YDH! I played with you some days ago and today aswell, it was fine.. except you killing your mates faster than i'm switching to gas, pepper or taser.. http://social.bioware.com/images/forum/emoticons/devil.png Kidding, just watch your fires always, switch your gun to semi or burst and every...
Merry Christmas for everyone! :occasion-santa:
Welcome back guys!

Btw, what did you do Detective? Why are you "gay"? - http://stag.boardonly.com/t1-detective-and-why Image
Welcome back ThugS! Same as Detective, Congratz! Image
Welcome back Detective! Also , i know that i did a big mistake that i left my favourite clan and i won't do it again no matter what will happen . Yeah that would be a good New Year resolution. Still don't understand why you guys left ETS and joined to STAG.. but nvm, Congratz to your member status b...
Raptor wrote:
I said the console itself is cheaper, the hardware. The games cost more than PC games, because they need to be licensed by the console producer.

Ah.. okay i tought you meant the games, then i agree with that.
Raptor wrote:
Well, basically the prices for consoles are lower than for PCs.

Hehe, not in Hungary.. PC games are a bit cheaper than console games. Image
Welcome Liquid! Played with you couple times and i can say, you are great player! Become a recruit will not hard for i'm sure of that. Anyway good luck to your application! http://social.bioware.com/images/forum/emoticons/joyful.png PS: Still waiting for you in the Hotel Room 622... http://social.bi...
Welcome back Cpt. Muppet! :)
Pvt always reminds me to Call of Duty series. "Pvt. Allen, shoot down that helicopter.. Use your grenade, Pvt. Allen.." :D
Congratz mate! Good luck and keep it up! ;)

Struis wrote:
Please change your ingame name to: |ETS|Saltie101_RC

Isn't supposed to be this:|ETS|Pvt_Saltie101 ? Pvt is for RCs in the rank system. :P