I have some info that you bought this one Struis.. Then we should be neighbours! Image
Enjoy your new home mate!
saltie101 wrote:
I'm more just seeing if anyone else is having problems with them.

Taser rush, taser rush everywhere.. Image
Well, those guys kicked you the 1st time when you joined: Evidence
Welcome Ghost!

Played some rounds with you and you did good. I think, it will not be hard to get the RC rank! for you! Image
Welcome back Homer!

We played some nice rounds today.. it's good to see that you are back!
Congrats to your RC rank and good luck to become a member again! Image
Welcome back Homer! Image
The link for the skin: Hostage Skin

This will be interesting.. Viking vs Raptor, Struis, me, ToxicDoom, ThugS.. Image
Maybe it's time for me to move over to the darkside and be a suspect as well... xD I want to be suspect as well and also try the hostage! About the time, maybe at 7 pm (GMT+1) ...
I like the idea Captain! Just one question and one suggestion: - The suspects leader has the same skin as the other suspect, so it will be classified for the swat team or he will use another skin like the hostage? - IMO, the hostage should be in the same team as the suspects, since officer team can...
Good idea.. count me in as always!

captain wrote:
Also I have some new ideas for a training session. If your interested, I'll explain, I'm still working it out in my head though.

Sure, go on Captain. Image
Yeah guys Struis has right.. would be too long to share my opinion about this and it would be an off topic so lets just go back to the application.. Welcome Viking ! I played with you before and i didn't find any problem. It wont be so hard for you, to get the RC status, i'm sure about that! Good lu...
"Let go of someone you love has ended, does not mean it ceases to be love. As long as you love her, they will hurt your absence. If you are divorced, still love that you love her, but she wants to go further, then let it go. Go its own way. And trust me, once you get back to you." Ian Jos...
Welcome House! I think i know you and your previous name, and played with you some rounds. I think most of members are online since 17:00 (GTM + 1) to 24:00 (GTM+1). And at weekends.. all the time! You might also add our members to your friends at xfire, where you can date a match with them. Since ...
If he is swearing, and he isn't stop swearing after your warning then use the mighty "Mute" button on the admin panel. Anyway, i can't see the reason why we should ban this guy from the server.. He used one bad word but actually what is that word "Assicok" means? (I googled it bu...
Have a good time! Image