Good luck Sokol!
And don't forget.. Report to the ship asap.. We'll bang okay? Image
Good luck Detective. See you soon.
Congratz mate! Good luck for the next step! Image
Sure we are playing, but Saint's KF isnt working properly, so we need to find a solution for it.. Image
Just add me on xfire if you want to play!
Tested and it works without any problem. Just that 3h downloading wasn't cool, but it was "my" or the provider's fault. I'll use this installer version from now instead of the manua version. Off : Woohoo my 100 th post on the site! ...
Welcome Vendetta!

I've played with you only 2 or 3 rounds, but your gameplay seems fine.
Good luck with your application! Image
Example Gez's Mods: Client Mod v13 or Admin Mod v22 - I'm using the Client Mod v13 since i got admin rights.. it contains those commands what you need like kick, mute, forceleader, forcelesslethal, switchteam, admin chat.. etc.
Congrats Saltie, you deserved it! Well Diaboli is online on xfire sometimes.. but not active on the server or on the forum. And didn't see Reyb since november.. Stay active and kee...
The bad news always come on Monday.. Image
Struis wrote:
Oh and Justi... that's not my home... it's just a small shed next to one of my swimmingpools...

Yeah forgot.. your crew also need to sleep somewhere.. Image
ToxicDoom wrote:
SO should I download it or not?

Sure. We could play some rounds on the next weekend.. Image
Congrats mate! Image
$aInT wrote:
we wont deploy pepperball on you anymore maybe sometimes

Congrats mate, welcome aboard! Image About the game: Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly...