Congratz DT! Image

Half way done, keep up the good work!
Good luck to become a member!
You can count on me.. i want to be a suspect! Yeah.. would be nice to use the Training mod and scream again! Image
Welcome DT!

Finally you decided to join us! Make sure that no more "xfire bug" happens from now.. Image

Good luck with your application!
Yeah i know, but it's easier and better to check your public IP less than 5 sec, than using hamachi or tunngle. Image
We used to play SAS v1.0 mod a lot but since some time ago we haven't really been playing it. ^This. But you can also ask Viking and Wilson, they are playing SAS Mod sometimes. Just using Hamachi or Tunngle would be great. You don't need those programms, just edit 1 line in the swat4x.ini file to m...
Hey Ibrahim! - Not that IP.. get your real ip, use some usefull sites like: m - BUT if you have dynamic IP, then it won't work, so you should have to ask Hunter about it. - Teamkilling is the worst thing that can happens between two players. As you said now, it wans't you, it was your cousin who pla...
Welcome back Alex!

Good luck to your application and see you on the server! Image

Hunter, why are you deleted your picture? Image
Name of player: Miller IP (if applicable): Offences: Teamkiller, Rambo Date: May 2nd, 2013 Server: |ETS|Tactical Gaming PRO Evidence: Picture 1 - Picture 2 Witnesses: - Information: I was undercover *Saryn* when a guy joined and pressed the ready button when 10 sec left. I switched to...
Nice one! Image
Welcome back Viking and congrats! Image
Congrats mate! Image
Welcome back Vendetta!

I hope this time you will not give up! Good luck to your application! Image
Congrats Jolty! Image