Congratz Neo! ;)
Congratz Ragdoll! :)
Congratz Bupy! :)
Welcome back Sorrow and good luck! :)
Congratz Neo!
Good luck Twinkie! ;)
It was a nice session guys, thanks for joining. We should do more in the future, specially with custom maps. :D
Hey guyz, do u have a server to play on ? - I would like to offer our server(s) for the session as we have 2 Solid running servers online, one is passworded with 10 slots and one is public with 8 slots. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the 16 players server work again (since the stuff kin...
Put me also as a reserve please. :P
Doesn't matter if you say Yes or No.. I WILL PUT YOU TO THAT LIST! :D
It's been really long since the last Insurgency session and Splinter brought up the idea to have one.. so why not? Hopefully the max player modification still works, so the max player limit is 16. When: 6th August 18:00 GMT+1 Who can join: Anyone is welcome *Members only: There is an extra copy of I...
Fentomized is banned for necroing this "awesome" thread. Seriously just why? :D
Congratz guys! :D
Congratz mate! ;)
Congratz Jelly! :)