Sign me up to Recon team, please.
Congratz and welcome! :)
@Xyzzy, ah okay i see.. but your counter is ticking to 19:00 GMT+1. :P :D

@Revolution,it will be a coop session (checkpoint game mode) and most likely i'm gonna be the host. There are some information on TS under the Insurgency channel. ;)
@Xyzzy, did you just post a counter or this was exist somewhere else and i missed it? :D
So..the session is tomorrow.. when exactly? :D
@Xyzzy, we mostly playing Checkpoint . :D
Accuser wrote:
I prefer 7th of December

Yosh, only 336 days until the session. :D

EDIT: It seems 14th January is winning, so i guess we should set the time then.
Maybe 7th or 8th of January, 18:00 GMT+1 ? It's kinda hard to set a date when Captain is from US and Astarot from Indonesia, 2 different side of the World. Btw, we have 13 participants: - Captain - ThugS - Fentomized - Xyzzy - Its0 - Karpee - Jolty - Justicar - Revolution - ToxicDoom - Astarot - Acc...
I'm up for some Insurgency, but as Jolty said, depends on the date.
Welcome back Xyzzy! ;)
Congratz Astarot! ;)
Fentomized wrote:
My friend says that "Martin" and "Martijn" are the same. SAME.

Congratz Sorrow, welcome back! :)
Hey MortalWeapon, good luck with your application! ;)
Welcome Astarot and good luck with your application! :)