Good luck TaskForce 8-)


thank u m8 :) :)
Hello TaskForce. It's good to see your application here. The next step is that one of our clan members with the rank of LT or above needs to check you in-game to see if your skills are sufficient enough to be given recruit status. Stay active on the server and website and good luck. yes captain i w...
neo wrote:
Good luck man, see u in game :)
GenuineJellyfish wrote:
It's really nice seeing more of these applications. Thanks for applying TaskForce, best of luck! :D :handgestures-salute:
badLol wrote:
Good Luck m8 :)

Thank u guys very much .. :dance: :dance: :pray: :pray: :violin: :violin:
rr1kb12143 wrote:
Hey TaskForce141 , good luck with your application ! ;)
Freak wrote:
Hey TaskForce good luck with your app :D
silenthunter183 wrote:
Good luck TF!

Thank U guys ! :dance:
i hope that can do my best ! :pray: :pray:
Name: Milad Age: 19 Country: Iran Steam Custom ID: m In-game name: TaskForce141 Reason why you want to join: i want to be good leader and teach my skills to others .. this server is so pro and i love this ! Something about yourself: im university student and play football action games on pc/ps4...(l...
yes ,yes ! i confirm this report ! he dosent listen to leader and take wrong eq and dosent stand in formation ....