I have lessons till Wed :cry:
Ι said except on custom maps, because there are some custom maps that you have to run and shoot else you will probably die .About shooting him in the leg, persoanlly I tolerate anything that does not get negative points.Meaning when I lead, you can shoot the suspect wherever you want as long as he d...
Yay, we have our recorder.
I will try to briefly explain to you each role and what to do.For the benefit of explanation, let's assume we have a 5man team.So we have : 1 2 3 4 5(Leader) 1,2 alpha 2,3 bravo But of course,you could also see this : 1,2,3 alpha 4 RG In almost all cases unless the EL says otherwise,alpha team takes...
Put as a reserve because I don't know if I will be at home yet.
Welcome again.Your name sounds familiar, I'm not sureif you remember me though..I think in 2012 we applied at the same time :P In any case, good luck, I have no doubt you will be one of us again ;)
Hello, and welcome aboard.I'd hate to repeat things that my fellow clanmates have already said, I will just wish you good luck with your application and we'll meet on the server.
We met just today, and even though we only played a few rounds, I'm confident that you will have no issues during your RC period, if you just remain active.So, I'd like to welcome you to our site, thank you for applying, and wish you the best of luck, although I'm sure you won't need it :) .
As long as it's not Christmas day as I also have my name celebration that day, I should be available.The weekend before christmas sounds good.
I did it with LessLuck last year, If he is up for it, would be glad to co-host with him once again.Bear in mind I'm clueless about editing videos, but I'm up for helping organizing the event and co-hosting it with someone else should LessLuck not have time.
If I consider a new machine, I know exactly what to buy, but thanks for the tips anyway :D
The requirements are pretty high..my pc is 5 years old and it won't run it even on minium are you kidding me? :D Besides that, from what I've seen I really like the game.I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but I'm confident I'd have tons of fun with it.
Sadly I don't meet the PC requirements..else I would love to try this game as it seems very promising to me.
I will probably not be available tomorrow..I'm not so sure..So I guess if everyone else can, you can take the session tomorrow and If I'm able I'll catch up.
Thursday is impossible for me as I have class, as for Friday I don't know my schedule yet,we need more people though!