Sign me up, even though it's in a while, if nothing changes I should be able to attend.Also, if you need instructors I'd be more than happy to assist in that part as well.
VIP Escort :D
Take your time mate, we'll be here for you.Should you need anything, feel free to give me a pm.Hope to see you back soon!
Name of player: igdxjekw IP Address: m Offences:Not speaking/understanding english, pressing ready/rushing the game, never responding to any admins. Date: 14/4/2016 Evidence: See below Witnesses: |ETS|Sgt_Espada,|ETS|Sgt_Accuser,|ETS|Cpl_Bobby Information:Kept reconnecting after we've explained tha...
Confirmed.Multiple times taking the wrong eq and not following orders, also he said to me that he doesn't understand english that good.
Hello Michael, on behalf of our clan I would like to welcome you to our website!Very glad to see your application, always happy to see people still interested in joining our humble family.Before we can proceed with your application, a member with a rank of Lt or above needs to check your skills in-g...
There is a chance that I will not be home as well.So please change me as a reserve, and shall I be home, I'll join up.Sorry.
Welcome to our humble family, mate, or should I say clan mate? ;) Congratulations!!!
silenthunter183 wrote:
Sign me in! Any team.

But please, I need that training ses. on our public server, because i can't join custom server.

Training happens on our public server, just that one time our server was down because Marksmod had its issues. :D So, no worries mate ;)
Will be there, team doesn't matter.
Hey flash, your application was a pleasant surprise.You're no stranger to me, or to any regular member in general.So I would like to welcome you to our website, and wish you the best of luck on your road to becoming one of us.
Hey Dahl, I think this is a good guideline, not only for new players. One can defintely exaggerate the "styling" of the binds. Color gradients and letters in all rainbow colors within a single word, can be disturbing or inconvenient. I agree.Especially those with multiple colors in one se...
KeyBinder is a very solid option, especially for new people.But I'm comfortable with just my user.ini and swat colorizer a lot of years now :D
Lose the attitude will ya?They lifted your ban, what is the issue?A mature person would say thank you and would prove with their actions that the Server admins made a mistake by passing the monitored status and not causing us any problems again.Really, if it was up to me, I would put your ban back i...
I would play the first one for sure, after reading the description on steam it has the future most games were missing : using yelling to make people comply.Looks promising from what I read.Let's wait till it comes out. Pasting the info of the CTU game in case anyone is too lazy to read it at steam :...