Congrats, well deserved promotions.Marks you bloodyd dekstopraider(anyone see the irony here?) I miss ya, come back soon!
Hello there mate, nice to see your application.We haven't met yet, but I'm sure that will change soon!See you in the server.
Thanks a lot capp, I never do accept friend requests from unknown people(Like our mother always used to say" Never speak to people you don't know :P )
I could put mine, but since it's greek I doubt you'd understand much :D
Hi there, welcome to our lovely website.I've played in the past with you, so you are no stranger to me.I wish you the best of luck throught your application stage!Just stay active and you will be fine :)
Congrats on earning recruit once again, hope it ends up with a Member rank this time!I wish you the best of luck, and we'll catch up on the server.
You can transfer with RP only(Meaning you have to pay).To anyone on EUNE my nickname is:Gas21, feel free to add, but do tell me who you are when you see me online or you risk me deleting you :P
Hello, good to see you decided to try your luck with us again.If I'm not mistaken, the reason of your application being rejected last time was inactivity..hope it won't happen this time around.Anyways, thanks for making an effort to be one of us again, I wish you the best of luck my friend ;)
I'm on EUNE. Basically besides Diamond ranking, in every other tier, you can play without 1 tier above and 1 tier below : meaning a silver player can play with a friend in bronze or gold, but can't play with me as I'm Plat.
I've been playing lol for a lot of years now, some time after it went out of beta.I was Diamond ranked in S3, lost interest after and only played a little, ended up with Plat in S4, and gold in S5.I'm currently Plat again and rising.Meaning if you are between silver and bronze we can't play together...
Well hello there, this app was definitely a positive surprise for me.We've played more than enough times together, to know that it won't take long till you get your very first rank in our clan, Recruit.But first a member with the rank of Lt+ will need to play with you.All you have to do is stay acti...
Ah!Well as long as it's done before Christmas for the next one, no problemo :P
We have a lot of time for Christmas to come..what exactly is LL talking about?Or is it about the year's podcast that passed, you still haven't finished that? :P
Don't think I met you the last time you were playing with us, but I surely did this time.Anyway, welcome back again, and have fun with us ;)
Was awesome.Thanks everyone.