I withdraw my application.
Training mod will probably do better for VIP sessions.
Respawn may be manipulated and we do have variety of skins there for officers, suspects and VIP.
Respawn killed the tactical gameplay completely. I am also not happy about all this night vision gig. Captain instructed the team to bring the googles and I, personally, was rocking with them at all times. Even if there was someone rocking with something else, other team decided to just sit quietly ...
I actually will check on the amount of bullets later, I really do believe that supressed have more bullets per clip.
I never told that it is quieter - it is supressed. I prefer supressed over regular mostly because of swift and silent sound it makes instead of those noisy bangs, honestly :D
I disagree on supressed 9mm SMG.
Differences between supressed and non supressed SMG are following:
-Supressed SMG provides 5 more bullets per clip;
-Supressed SMG is approx. 20% more accurate;
-Supressed SMG indeed has less stopping power;
-Supressed SMG is also supressed, obviously.
I do believe it was updated to 1.2 soon after release of 1.1.
It appears that we need more suspects.
Concerning the time limit - we are able to increase it up to 60 minutes per round, as I believe. One hour of time should be enough.
That means that our server's capabilities are not sufficient?
Pehaps those maps have more objects used as decorations and scenery than CriminalMayhem, for example?
I suspect that editing out some decorations may help.
I can provide you with basics of field tactics we developed in arma 3, if interested.
Should probably help.
I should be #6, but in statistics it broke my score for 3 of my known names.
One for BPA, one for tagless and one for RC.
Alright, since no one wants to play System Shock, let us try something different. Guns of Icarus Online: the steampunk about zeppelins. http://www.co-optimus.com/images/upload/image/2013/GunsofIcarus_Screen_04_17_2013.jpg A quick overview. Guns of Icarus is online cooperative-competitive game. Curre...
This nice and deaf gentleman met your Megan Fox and offered her to join him in walk under the moon. Since he is immune to Megan's siren's abilities it went quite well. Romantic interaction nullified Megan's desire to kill. http://www.911sevastopol.org/img/userfiles/913223360ac84b68545902f0c6341c7d.j...
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