Hunter wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:45 am
It looks very promising. Would be really cool to get the old ETS team back in action.
I'll be there that day ;)
Good luck lilPasta,
Glad to see some Italians are still around here.

Buona fortuna ;) ti troverai bene qui.
Dear Hunter,

Remember the old times when we first met, great player and great person that i'll never forget.

Wish you good luck and all the best for your things and your life.

Congratulations Jolty, i think no one better than you can take the torch of this fantastic family.

I salute you.

Hello Alper,
hope your application process will go well.
Enjoy your stay in this beautiful place of awesome people.

Good luck.
Thanks Hunter. ;)
My steam account: nitroglicerina
Display name: En1x
That's nice!

feel free to add me on steam: " nitroglicerina "
Welcome Charmi.
I wish you good luck. ;)
Good luck with your application ! ;)
Hello Seemo, good luck with your application and have a nice stay/game with us
wooo nice! :D
Hi Pawel and congratulation ;) hope you'll find a nice stay with us

see you in game
i didn't threat anyone , i did just say " ok, enough is enough " (cause he didn't follow leader's orders for the 3rd time in that game) then he started to teamtasing people. I don't have admin password so i could not spec or kick him, server forced him to spec due to teamtasing 5 officers....
Name of player: Carpenter IP (if applicable): Offences: Insulted me and the clan + teamtased all the team (he was forced to spec by server) Date:02/09/2013 Server: Evidence: Screenshot Witnesses: Information: Didn't follow orders 3 times.. then he messed up the game teamtasing others m ...
Congrats ;)