You are probably right about it being the same guys columbo, their set of Ip adresses changes completely so it might be near impossible to get a ban out on them if that is the case, either way i did add a new ban on Nolan for now.

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Both players Banned for 4 weeks, thanks for the report!
Further offences by these people will lead to more harsh ban lengths.

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Hello Special, I have some good news for you! the voting procedures took a bit longer than expected but you have been accepted into ETS, congratulations! Please change your ingame name to |ETS|Cpl_Special3lite

You will be given a new password via PM shortly.
Fireline oops you are right good sir :D
Hello EMT i remember you like it was yesturday, welcome back! hope to catch you for a few rounds sometime soon :dance:
aye in one and a half hour from now
If that's what the majority wants why not taskforce. I do think we will do some normal VIP too.
Hello guys it has been a while since our last PVP session so i was hoping we could have one this weekend, please vote on what day suits you the best you can vote on multiple options too. The time for the session will be around 7pm gmt+1 one of this three days.

I do not like their rules and conditions. The idea of pepperspray rushing and unknown custom maps sounds terrible to me. I'll pass on this tournament
Congrats best of luck bud!
Appreciate the offer bud, discord is not a big issue for us at all as far as i know. And even if we wanted to go back to teamspeak we could easily get our own server again. This community hangs on a thin line lately, unless we see any changes in activity plus the game we have been waiting for Ready ...
Thanks for the kind words as always guys!. It's a very sad day for ets to loose you hunter, you have been the most valuable member for a very long time, and we can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us! It's an honor to be trusted with this task, even though i was not seeking or tha...
Hello Ragdoll got some good news =) You have been very active during your recruitment period giving our members plenty of oportunites to play with you, we do not need more time to evaluate you, so congratulations passing your recruitment period! Please change your ingame name to |ETS|Cpl_Ragdoll . A...
can probably attend this one ;)
Nice to see another application going ragdoll, im sure you will do just fine if you have time to invest into this! ;)