Void is not a big studio, there are reasons why they want to delay the game. My bet is that the game is far off from 100% completed yet, most animations are not done, bug tests are not done. Most bugs will appear when they will release the beta version of the game and to not fuck everyone up with t...
After all this material they already presented... now release in Q4 2020 announced? Thats a really massive delay, something is not kosher there. Either the material we saw (indicating a playable development-state) is completely fake, or the game is supposed to be turned in another (casualized?) dir...
I would be very happy to see us all again come back together to play Ready or not one day :)
I got access to the old pics, but since I have no more access to the admin panel on the website, I can't change it :(.
Heya, military man here, I support the idea of using discord for numerous reasons, one of them is that it's totally free, so yeah, grab my blessing.
Sorry guys, won'the be able to participate in this year's podcast
Wait wait wait wait wait, hold on a sec, I know you, you've been in our clan back in 2011, so you aren't new here :S nah nah nah, you can't trick the good old nissan here :P
As I've mentioned earlier I wouldn't suggest making 3 hosts since it's a f**king mess at this point, Gas if you wish you can take my position if you really want to, I won't mind.
Hell with this... cap sign me up as a co-host, I am not sure if I will make it 100% but if I won't I'll let you know.
Meatspin inevitable
I have issued a month ban for him, although to point out I don't feel positive about you guys killing him regardless of his actions. Each time someone does that it makes it harder to decide who's the one to blame in the whole situation (cuz otherwise it could've gone diffiriently). In any case this ...
Ye, it's finally out, as I sometimes like to say "it's better late than never", so here it is, hope you will enjoy it . P.S. I'd really appreaciate if u like the video and leave some comments under it about what u liked, what u didn't like and what u think should be change...
I bet it just renewed itself from our paypal account, so nothing to worry about here.
Gas21 wrote:
We have a lot of time for Christmas to come..what exactly is LL talking about?Or is it about the year's podcast that passed, you still haven't finished that? :P

Nope, still not done.
I will just leave it here.