Jesus Christ will save you from the soap :D
Cool mic click sounds Thugs , i'll definetly use the file. I like that , thank you ;)
Finally !!!!!!!!!!!! You decided to be one of the ETS members now ? Oh god .... this will be totaly awesome !!!! :D
Congratulations for your new rank too , you deserve it and i know that you're gonna succeed on becoming an official ETS member.

Catch ya in-game bruh ;)

Hey there mate, i'm so glad (again) that you are an ETS recruit. Stay active both in-game and in our forums and you will be accepted ;)

Hello there Niki , it's good to have another applicant in our community ;) . Also, congratulations for your RC rank and i wish you to have the best of luck to become one of the official members of ETS.

Good luck and i'll see you in-game.

Hello there RedaKh , i'm really happy to see another applicant in ETS. I would also like to congratulate you for reaching your first rank for your application ;)

Good luck and i'll see you in-game !!!

Hey there mersed. Nice seeing another applicant joining our community. As Jolty said you need to copy your steam profile from their website and paste it in your topic. If you do that we may proceed with your application.

Enjoy your stay in ETS and i'll see you in-game. ;)

Hey Bad, welcome to ETS once again. I hope that this time things are going to be better than the previous time ;). Good luck on reaching the RC level of your application.

Good luck and i'll see you in-game.

Congratulation for your new rank mate. I wish you the best of luck on becoming a full member now ;)
Hello there Donovan and welcome to ETS. I won't mention what the other members said above me so good luck with your application and i'll catch you in the server ;) .

Hey guys i bring you another game which is gonna be from Steam. This game is still in development of course and it's gonna be available in January. The gentre of this game is a puzzle one. It's a real-time turn based game which you have to kill the enemy so you can save and extract the hostages of t...
Losing gear in this game will be very painful. I do not like anything like that but ok... is survival but third person? (3:55) Where is the realism? You can see that is clear or not using 3rd person so you don't not need to risk. Is like a cheat. It's still in development so don't worry about the r...