I was thinking it will never release or it's going to flop, but to be fair, it looks very promising.
In a way, it's like swat 4 on a new engine, with more features and upgraded graphics.
I'm curious to see if it will bring back life into our clan. (fingers crossed thou)

I'll sing up as Suspect.
The last one was absolutely lovely :)
This looks much better and it's free, yay! I like this and support this switch. What not to like? Regarding locking off the channels. I doubt it that it would be a great idea overall. We should just introduce something for our voice channel and that's about that. Besides, it's only from invites from...
I'm late as per usual XD It's going to be my new signature from now on. Welcome and I'm happy to see a new face around here. Being a senior member and seeing our community grown even by a little bit is an absolute joy. Good luck with our application and above all have fun, that's what really matters...
A couple of tiny tweaks should be introduced but other than that, it was good fun for all :)
I managed to get my skills unrusted a tad bit :P

We should have this more often. Just so our member can bond with each other much more. I do believe strongly that it would be an excellent idea. ^_^
Long time no see Thugs :) Cya ;)
Yep, indeed it was a long time for sure. RL just keeps on surprising day-to-day XD
Anyway, hope to catch you there at some point ;)
I didn't partake in this events for ages, darn!

Anyway, I signed up a suspect. Should be available on that date, finally, my schedule allows it.

Should be great fun :P
Just out of curiosity. Will we have server statistic somewhere om the side, like we used to have on our old website?

Or is it gone forever....
Surprise after a surprise. I should be more active here, sadly RL won't let me do that.
Regardless, well-deserved promotions across the board. Let's hope that they will enhance this place with their presence :P
I have been under a rock for some time now, Damn, missed so much.
Congrats @Hunty on your promotion mate. It is well deserved :)
Anyway, back underneath that rock, I go....
EDIT: Ye, ThugS had a lot of fun with my "purrfect inglish" prononcuation and grammars XD Couldn't help it, mate. It was just too tempting Thanks to everybody. Podcast turned out to be magical and beyond anybody's expectations. @ Jelly Especially I loved the bloopers bit. I was truly on t...
Damn, if we can make it on 13th then I can attend. Weekends and work are my two new nemesis :(
It's alway nice to see a new face around here :P
Good luck with your app and see you in-game.

Добро пожаловать! ;)

P.S. first impression is very positive :)
What a nice Christmas present we have here. Welcome back mate and it's nice to see you here once again :)
Nice skins mate, very enjoyable.
I will download them later on if I won't forget :P
Just need to test them in-game.
Cheers for putting them here :)