Adapter priority was working after the nvidia update but when I restarted the pc to install tunngle, it broke again
No luck, windows 10 adapter system is completely broken for me I cannot change the priorities ============================== Ill take it back AC Brotherhood is broken.... Everything is fu***ing up today, starting to piss me off.... I'd hold on downloading windows 10 I was a fool and fell for the tal...
Finally ran into my first problem today, I can't change my adapter priority that stops me from using tunngle which sucks :/ Currently contacting microsoft about this issue. @Columbo 1- I updated windows 8.1 to windows 10 (believed it overlapsed windows 8.1 replacing it with windows 10) Windows 8 com...
Has anyone updated to windows 10 yet? I'd like to share some experiences that I had with the operating system in question 1- It's a lot nicer in my eyes, the design and the artwork put into the log into the session menu is really nice
No love for "The Division" ?

I fear it will turn into a DayZ where people will just KOS :/ But the game looks cool, let's just see how the community behaves...
Uh Hello there ^^ I recently got super into: -> Fallout out Boy - Centuries -> Skyrim's Dragonborne (Live Orchestra)

I'd like to suggest: 1 - A spec ops mission on which you are sent into a village in the middle of the forest to take out a HVT from the distance as he is giving a speech. (somewhat a political assassination) 2- Have you played Modern Warfare 2? There is an airport mission that people might find it o...
I'll do a bit of shameless promotion to my friend bruker =P

Seriously though me, bruker, LL (Lessluck), Vilkas and Dzioker playing some cs

P.S: Yes I know how my laugh is annoying I don't know how to laugh in any other way ok? Just get over it =D
Ah! Nein!. Next post will be... Hunter
Can we get some Sreenshots?
You can always un-tick the boxes for mic mute and un-mute, shouldn't interfere with ACRE then....
What exactly do the Attachment files do?
Oh really? Taz got destroyed by a landmine that was planted by the Coyote who now had a pact with the road runner http://ww...
oh yeah? no one can use the force better than Yoda!

If I can finish the AST Event in time which I should, #7 #8 #2