Great job mate. Not really playing swat but listening through your sample video left me in awe. Nice choice of music too.
In regards to recording the podcast; audacity is a free open source audio recording/editing software used by many pros, youtubers etc. Another alternative is OBS. So there are no issues with that. The difference in voice quality between TS3 and discord is minimal. Some may notice it, some may not. A...
Oh boy, can't wait for certain individual to hear about this change. I'm sure he'll be thrilled. :D I wanted to use Discord since a while ago. Considering you can use browser/desktop/mobile app and it's free of cost makes this a welcomed change. If it's needed I can mess around with permissions/rank...
Struis wrote:
Tue May 02, 2017 7:21 pm
So is there any way for you to get a microphone? Your English is fine (I'm not a native speaker either) so that's not really a problem.
Use Teamspeak's chat system. That way you can maintain direct conversation in real time.
Mind fucking blown

It's cool they revisit and review older games. Good stuff.
Does this happen with every link or only specific ones (e.g. New posts on main portal - right side)? What browser are you using? Works fine for me. I tried ctrl + left mouse click as well as middle mouse button and it didn't load the page in main tab. Using Chrome and Firefox latest version. Only o...
Nothing big, but when I do a ctrl+left mouse button to open a link in a new tab, it opens it in a new tab but also in the main one which didn't happen before (when I click on a link to a post on the New Posts page). Does this happen with every link or only specific ones (e.g. New posts on main port...
GenuineJellyfish wrote:
Best meme tunes 2016.

I'd say shooting stars is the best meme in 2017 as well so far. I can't stop humming it, really catchy.

Here's my entry (dope animation)
8th and 15th (Saturdays) are okay for me. Position does not matter.
Pff that's nothing. Wait until there's 12 of us at once. :D
Great work. Hopefully it will help some people out. :)

Also moved to tutorials forum.
Can't wait to hear myself and then proceed to cringe. Thanks Hunter. Correction; thanks Jelly. :)
Locked until Hunter is back online.
Hellpatrol wrote:
MADMAX wrote:
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How mature of you MADMAX.