Yeah, new players which appear on scene don't see our server and for now we have a players that are friends to our clan, and therefore we don't have new applications and new players on the server.
Let's hope that new players gonna appear on a SWAT 4 scene, and not many of them will prefer "rambo" gameplay.

Anyway i see that game on a cost 40pln which means more less 10 euros, i got that half prize in a store in 2009... Though that will be cheaper now.
Sign me in :)
Everything has been written by you already so I have nothing more to add in here, I can just confirm that this happened. I've also spoken to the players to write a reply to this report.
I just wanted to get a cookie from the bottom of it, now I know that it was a trap...
Thanks guys. It means a lot for me to wear "full" ETS tag. Thanks once again :)
Name: Kazik Age: 21 Country: Poland Steam Custom ID: In-game name: Kazik Reason why you want to join: Well I should have reapply here some time ago but I have not so I am doing it now. After few replies in my Explaination post I see that I can still be welcome here. ...
Hello, So, already 3 years of a clan existence has passed, and the clan still is alive, and is still recrutng new members. Some things has changed, but most important is that you guys are still keeping together! I still remember, how i fighting with ucoz site, with SucceddedKiller over the TV. I'm v...
Ah ok then. :) I haven't read your description. Sorry :)
Green Light Armor? If want to know my opinion, it sucks :D
This name suck a balls. Nissan was ok. At least it can be LessSuck, or LetsSuck :D
You downloaded mod, which add server to markmods master server. You need to download this client: ... &modID=53/
As I have told you my others tickets has been closed, and Refunds ticket is "On Hold" so we will get money shortly, and then we move to rackage.
As I have told you, I suggest to re-install game (Cause you installed 1.5 first so files are messed) then install 1.41 and 1.5 patch.
Due being inactive from clan has been kicked:


Everyone who will show up and stay active may rejoin clan.