Sign me up on this one too please! Appreciated!
Ew no, Karpee will only get us killed (again), like always! pls ban karpee he broke up with me and i no like that he mean
I'm going to buy Insurgency on the Steam Sales! Would be great to play with you guys! Are we playing Co-Op or a multiplayer match?
why no one take this seriously????? )))))))':

omggg fentomized!!!!1111! that is so sad!!!!111 many strong feelings may be with u!!!!

hello im fentomized and me and me and karpee broke up today and i feel bad and sad and bad and i dont know what to feel and i dnt think he even cares bout it but me no care ither i mean why should i he gave me cold shoulder i no like ok hes mean to me pls tell me hes mean tell him hes mean pls pls p...
Because racecar.
That's not an answer to my question: ARE there racecars?
Because racecar.
pls change my name into 'Because racecar.'
Are there racecars in the game?
What's the point of leaning if you're not at a doorway or at the end of a wall?
Hello! Would love to see you in-game.
Is the server supported on Tunngle?
^ Haven't downloaded it yet, so unsure what's causing it, but try to redownload it. Have you packed it out of the Winrar? If it's a folder, it should be put in the SWAT 4 folder where you can find "Content" and "ContentExpansion".