There is currently one server online hosting this mod: Custom Maps Zone is running SEF 4.1. Check the server IP from here.

Download SEF 4.1 here, only one file required:

Before unzipping anything, make sure to check the instructions, to not overwrite any important files.
Here's one new map release for COOP: School Day RMX

Difficulty level is pretty high. It is available as a separate download until it is integrated into the map packs.
Part of the problems in dealing with the SWAT 4 level editor is that it accepts only a narrow range of file formats when importing custom content. I just created a tutorial which should finally provide an universal way of importing static meshes from any Unreal engine game to SWAT 4. No Max/Maya lic...
SP-JohnsonResidence-fix - pretty much the same as SP-DSK-JohnsonResidence-fix... question is: which version you like more? Or keep them both? There are many of those DSK versions, however they add stuff not planned by the original mapmaker. On those maps MMP has always tried to keep the original ve...
Well... some maps can be removed. However at least these maps exists in the MMP and should be okay:

It would be helpful if we had a list of the included files. Can you go to the folder in command prompt and post this created file:

Code: Select all

dir /s > files.txt
When SWAT 3 was originally released, the sounds and music in it used a proprietary compression system called CMP. Sierra never provided a decompression tool, so no one has been able to uncompress CMP files up until now. I figured out a way to unpack the sound files into a common WAV format, so I'll ...
Yeah, it seems has created a new way to get server list working which has none of the drawbacks of the markmods patch. SP mode and Mega Campaign Mod works fine too. See the instructions here: m The DNS file editing trick works at least on vanilla, but on TSS I think one has to replace...
@Columbo, maps were uploaded. Some of them were re-written, they even had different size. I am not sure that was really purpose, but its there now. Session can begin anytime. So basically the files SP-Construction SP-TheManor SP-Blackwater are different versions in ETS and MMP currently, and also t...
Well, thanks. There's also some things which would be helpful because I'm not sure which ones I missed:
- Does some mission have a 2nd spawn not enabled? (it's different from coop spawn though)
- Which briefings/info are missing?
There's some issues with the map versions in this and Mega Map Pack v1.2, so I'd like to point out these: SP-Construction is some modified version of NSB's original map. Dunno what the changes are actually. MMP has the original. SP-TheManor is version 1.01. Latest release is 1.1. Not sure why SP-The...
A long awaited feature of Swat4 has been the ability to play custom maps from the campaign menu in single player without using console. It is now achieved with this campaign mod which I will now put on public beta. Features include: - 60+ missions with full single player support. - Does not interfer...
So far the poll says there's some interest in an update of Swanky Mansion, while the majority prefers new maps. An update is certainly possible, let's see what happens.

In the meantime here's a trailer for Shipping Terminal. Remember it also has a MP version. ;)
I recently took a look at some of the oldest map releases, and it seems Swanky Mansion and Shipping Terminal might have potential for a new update. Both of them don't have currently full singleplayer support (with AI officers) or full support for vanilla 1.0/1.1 versions. They could also use some ne...