@espada @dertoh we could host some event tonight as well if your up for it, see if we get enough people to show up. Could be same session as yesurday or some normal BS/VIP. Sorry Jolts, saw the post a bit late. We could do it today , if enough people of course. 3 sessions in a row, seems legit :D
Sign me up as a suspect, please
III.4 and III.5 are the same. pls fix if not intentional. Where should I write my ban-appeal? We have a special section in our forum made for ban-appeals. You are supposed to write your ban-appeal there. Just fill in the template and submit your post. Then wait for answer from our administrators. Wh...
Can anybody get that counter thingy to the main page, please? =)
Definitely 14th due to obvious reasons.
I miss you, Michalsky ;(
Gonna also take part!
Congratulations, xyzzy! The only thing that bothers me is your website rank.
omg i am so proud of myself
Hey, good luck through that difficult RC period :P
Michalsky wrote:
What error is it? Maybe something like DirectX Generic?

And you have version from GOG?

I have a pirated swat 3 (forgive me pls), can't remember the error, as it just crashes
Michalsky wrote:
How it crashes? In menu? Or in mission? We can troubleshoot it ;D

It crashes on game start. Meh
I'd be glad to, but my SWAT 3 crashes D:
Hi Orion, welcome to the ETS. Enjoy your stay. :)
Hey MortalWeapon, not sure if we played already or not, but I wish you luck and looking forward to play with you! :D