I'v already pre-order the game cuz I'm also exciting too ! :lol: But we have to wait to 2020 until the full game release. :snooty: You really preordered this game? :o :icon-lol: :icon-lol: :icon-lol: You've just spend 120 bucks for alpha access, beta access, mousepad, DLC discount and some skins???...
It's here guys! Finally some gameplay! I'm so excited! :dance: :dance: :dance: :mrgreen:

It always had to be PvP... Just like r6 siege o.O
Don't trigger 😸
Hello guys!

This is how Due Process looks now after couple years of hard work. Have fun :) Also for people interested in the game, you can add it into your steam wishlist!

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/753650/Due_Process/
Glad to hear that some of ETS members are interested in this game. It will be fun to play togheter. I just laughing from people who saying about rainbow six and PvP multiplayer... Ehh they never played swat 3/4 huh? Anyway the game is going to be spiritual successor of swat series, not rainbow six. ...
Dalibor wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:35 pm
Any know when is release date for this game...Game is amazing
No release date yet :)
Hello dear ETS members! The void interactive is back with a lot of new interesting content to their tactical shooter. You can read about it here: http://voidinteractive.net/ready-not-devblog-03/ Well hope you all are fine and healthy! For me it looks good, well at least they're trying to make swat g...
I have. Bought preorder with all dlc long time ago. Would be nice to play togheter :)
Name: Splinter390

Playing a lot right now.
I really wished 10 David and Sierra and irrational games didnt die. Back when SWAT 4 was brand new it was the first of its kind.. I cant wait for this game to come out the closest we have atm is Siege (Lets be honnest is more like Cod than swat) So I am personaly pumped for this! It is COD. Now peo...
I love this game. If u know how to fight with every kind of ''zeppelins'', how to use the guns in proper way and if you have fantastic people in squad who are ready to listen orders and work togheter then you will have even more fun. One of my favourite games of all time :)
captain wrote:
Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:10 am
Anybody heard anything new from this game lately?
I found some new gameplays but didn't heard anything new yet. U can also read blog from developers http://dueprocess.info/blog/


Dertoh45 wrote:
Fri May 26, 2017 12:15 am
you play it and dont know ? :)
Seems not in my version. Only in game of year edition. I'll try upgrade my game with some patches from Sierra
Dertoh45 wrote:
Thu May 25, 2017 2:10 am
sometimes i think about going back to swat 3 it would be nice if more guys would join ;)
Is there multiplayer or a mod for it? :think:
Columbo wrote:
Wed May 24, 2017 12:20 am
You're probably on the right track. This might be caused by the movies and is a known problem on modern systems.

Try downloading the "Swat3 XVID Movie Upgrade" here: http://www.mariachimaestro.com/Swat3/Utilities/
It works!!! :clap: Thanks for the files Columbo :dance: :D