Welcome back, Ragdoll.
Good luck with your application, pretty positive you'll make it this time. :)
Always nice to get back to some BS :)
Ahh exams are screwing me over bud x'D

Alrighty then, waiting for the new session.
Jolty^ wrote:
Fri May 26, 2017 1:49 pm
@espada @dertoh we could host some event tonight as well if your up for it, see if we get enough people to show up. Could be same session as yesurday or some normal BS/VIP.
Sorry Jolts, saw the post a bit late.
We could do it today, if enough people of course.
Damn, for some reason I thought it was taking place on Friday instead. :(
Nice, I'm in.
xyzzy wrote:
Tue May 09, 2017 10:30 pm
Duck wrote:
Tue May 09, 2017 10:16 pm
Put in the rules that you can not shoot a suspect with handcuffs since this counts as having your weapon holstered. (If you want it for this session
I'd rather not have RoE implemented here
Tactical BS mode is nice but I'd rather have a normal BS mode this time. Idk we can vote or something.
Welcome back, MW. Good luck with your re :)
I believe what you are suggesting xyzzy, is the normal BS mode? I don't see a difference there.
So basically what we are discussing now is: Normal BS mode VS Normal RD mode.
Sounds good enough, sign me up
Wow ETS is indeed having some huge changes. Thank you Struis for all that you have done for us you were indeed a great leader and I'm happy that we still get to see you with us despite your tight schedule. Now for Hunter, big congratulations for you chief! Obvious enough there was no one better than...
Wow! Thank you guys for trusting me enough with this role. :)
& congratulations to all the other promoted, all very deserved!
Also goodbyes to the demoted, hoping they would make a come back sometime.
Go ETS! :D
Yea I hope we can have another session since I truley thought it was next week :/
Oh yeaaa finally. Put me up pls.