Hi ThunderSonic, Unfortunately I do not know enough details into what happend, as of current time no players have played on ETS server for long time and may be no use to look at your record, but I'm working with Special, to obtain a free server of which Special is trying to host for free and so fort...
Hey Guys,

Made an update to Struis post the website time period has been extended to 15/01/2019

Many Thanks & Enjoy the Website

Hey Hunter,

Yes you can join very easily if you get special's steam name and discord and stuff then yea. But it is custom its got a few maps installed, alot more weapons, and 2 combat medic slots and so forth so yea we have had quite some activity here and there so it's good.

If there are no more votes we shall have the event tomorrow
Ill join on the officer side
Did you negotiate that date then Defcon for us?


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Hello Members, It seems there has been no update of those people putting down available dates for the First Week of Tournament. If I dont hear within at least 2 days. I shall contact the hosts if I dont hear anything from you. If you actually want to do this Tournament then please state some dates n...
Okay guys I now have the dates First Week of Tournament is 18/12/17 - 24/12/2017 Second Week of Tournament is 25/12/17 - 31/12/2017 Third Week of Tournament is 01/01/18 - 07/01/2018 Fourth Week of Tournament is 08/01/2018 - 14/01/2018 So for the first week we need to negotiate a date with fnatic cla...
Here are the Fixures for our upcoming games 1st Week -Cartel vs eT -ETS&ITS vs fnatic -gRR vs Patriots -gRR vs fnatic -FT vs LTM -wTF^ vs qR -SoH vs qR 2nd Week -gRR vs ETS&ITS -eT vs fnatic -Cartel vs Patriots -ETS&ITS vs Cartel -FT vs SoH -LTM vs wTF^ 3rd Week -Cartel vs fnatic -eT vs gRR -ETS&ITS...
Howdy Folks, I recommend a Rapid Deployment practice sessions this weekend Please vote the appropriate date if you can make it Plus a Microphone is REQUIRED The teams will possibly be the RD Team against non RD team, primarily for practice of communication skills and so forth, anyone is also welcome...