Warframe is very cool game. i playing every night and day. My nick is RamgerMan69.
Give me how OFFICER
Lol guys sorry I cant playing today with you . I have programm with family. I prepare to grill party. BIG sorry guys. Maybe later.
Put me how breacher.
Put me as OFFICER
I do not know as I have time because I have a lot of work at home . But so far is give as SUSPECTorHOSTAGE but not for sure that they participate in. THX :)
A can join from Rifleman as Assault team, and time is good how Saturday.
I vote for SUNDAY
I can joining. I taking as Breacher or Demolations.
19:30 is good time for me. I reserved specialist or sniper. I have like UMP.45 gun. My favorit.;)
I am for this event. Me would meet Friday and Saturday. I have a vacation so I do not care :) Definitely will add to this event . As I said, my suits and Friday and Saturday. Cya in game :)
This is just a dogfight or terrestrial fights ? Because I want to le dogfight .
NOVA give me link pls. THX
Looks great. I must download it. I have like flight games. :clap:
Congratz AkrO with you first rank. Good luck. ;)