Im for ze Insurgency.
I will regulate my schedule and see what's coming up. I have parachuting lessons as I am preparing for the military academy so it's up for debate.
Put me in as a maybe/officer/suspect.
I did realize that later and did that I have the maps all now. (PST, Hunter get on TS please)
-grumbles- Mega download is not working. Says the file is deleted. :C

My first entry after awhile glad to see this alive.
Yay! A SAS Server... now where did my SWAT 4 TSS go. -scratches head- :think:
Tested this out with Defcon yesterday. We really don't have to use Altis Life to execute this kind of scenario. The way the police force is going and the way they are getting more and more militarized we are better off just using standard ARMA III and run a scenario for it. Perhaps some of us more e...
Recon Team - Sniper

Glad that we are playing Insurgency again. :-)
Hey guys! Welcome to the "Share your computer!" thread, I was inspired by a friend of mine which recently shared some of his PC. So, here we go... share some pictures/specifications of your PC, doesn't need to be fancy just share people! My Gaming Computer Specifications: CPU: Intel Pentiu...
I just downloaded Rainbow Six 3, if anyone has it we can play. :-D
I would be very, very interested in this event! So sign me up! Checkpoint - Checkpoint are 8/6-player coop missions that make these players go through enemy territory securing checkpoints and destroying enemy weapon caches, while along the way sometimes defending said point from an enemy counter-att...
Thanks for the input Sokol, I didn't not realize that was the case. Feel free to put this in the game discussion sub-forums then. :-)
Hey Marks any kind of commentary is welcome whether it's bad or good. While I must admit being a non-tactical game it might not clearly fit our clan but it would be nice to expand to many theaters of gaming see what we like the best and decide what we keep and what we don't... SWAT 4 will always be ...
Hey @Ranger, nice of you to check out this game. You can get it from steam for free, make a account simply on steam and you will have access to not only this one but to many other F2P games, some of which me myself and the others play. For your other question the game is a based on team fighting mea...