Welcome back!
Guess I can't really remember you from 2011's with this nick at least, but hope to see you soon man. (BupyC is my old nick)
Congratulations, good luck!
Congratulations mate, see you in-game!
oh lol good to see you applying, good luck m8 :mrgreen: !
I don't really want to create special topic for that, wanted to inform you about my nick change to "snow", just like my steam nick since long time. Also current one is actually on russian/cyrillics anyway so. See you ig 8-)

(former name was 'BupyC')
Congratz, see you ig 8-)
I use taser almost every time i play swat, i do not rush into rooms or so with taser that is just noobish and unsafe, but i do use taser on non affected suspects time after time, it just will save the life of the suspect and will not end up giving massive penalties with illegal kills or officers do...
"This video has been removed because it is too long." lol

Indeed, if he completely couldn't understand you, just use votekick option next time.
Congratz! ;)
First of all I'm going to explain what happened, so you won't misunderstand something. I hope you read everything and understand my point of view. Also looking forward to see your comments about that. Fresnal map, I lead (!!!so I take full responsibility of all my actions and team!!!). #1 Kotori #2 ...
Hello Yui! Good luck with your application.
Name of player: Vladislav140 IP Address: Offences: Ramboing, injuring/incapacitating cuffed/complied civilians/suspects after being told not to several times, tk Date: 02/09/2016, 14:03 GMT +2 Evidence: m m m m m m m m Witnesses: - Information: First he was ramboing lil bit on nightc...
yes, many times.
He did react today when he came back as CIA. But barely understood everything what we told him.
Would be good if someone who understand chinese could talk to him (if any) and explain everything.
Name of player: <DF>WYJ IP Address: Offences: tk Date: 1/9/2016 Evidence: m Witnesses: vladislav? Information: First I thought it was accident, but looking at his camera seems otherwise. afaik he has dynamic ip (might be even ranges, not 100% sure about that yet). Pretty famous guy an...
Personally warned him twice not to start custom map votings just like that.