Hope we can reschedule.Obviously I was not available yesterday as well :p
I'm in! I love VIP! Voted for two dates.
It was very fun.Glad I took part of it and helped Thugs host some sessions. Thanks everyone for the good times!
Good work Jelly for the work you did! For once we didn't involve LessLuck :D
Gotta say, this looks very tempeting.Need Co-op on this ASAP, because as Columbo said playing with the AI is never a good experience.Overall I'm very impressed, although I haven't tried it yet(which is rare to happen).
Good work!
Love the fact that nobody is replying. :D
I haven't tried the mod at all yet, I just want to reply to a few things that caught my eye from this topic: I think Fireline is taking Columbo's feedback personally for some reason, and I don't understand why. (quoting) "'ll be honest (I'm even becoming repetitive in using sentences) and say t...
Will give it a try, although I'm not that impressed from what I read.I'll post more info when I try them out.
I am volunteering to help LessLuck and Thugs host since I've been host & co-host the last two years.If they don't feel like my service is needed, sign me up as just to be interviewed.
First topic: "What if I am 100% sure (that there is not more than one suspect and bug will not happen)?" I will answer that in a simple way : You will never be 100% sure when using a taser that a bug will not happen or that you will not miss.Never, ever.There's always a chance of the first...
Full HD monitor, my resolution is 1920 x 1080.
Recently I got a new monitor since my old one decided to die.Swat does not support my monitors resolution, is there any way to fix that?
Reserve me, If I'm not working will join up.
I won't make it, I'm working again.Have fun guys!
I voted barricaded suspects since we haven't played that in a while.I'm not 100% sure I can make it since I could be working, so sign me up as a reserve.
Troll,saboteur,rambo whatever, it doesn't matter.Team killing is an offence that is neither tolerated nor accepted in our server.You should have called for an admin, instead of deciding to take matters into your own hand. Also from the logs you provided, I don't see any intentional "trolling &q...